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Tell us about the role of green spaces in shaping the microclimate of Central Asian cities and the impact of "living" trees on the economy and health. We discover how heated and polluted areas where trees are cut down become and how this affects people's quality of life. Activists, experts and volunteers help us to investigate the problems and find solutions.
Let's get to know each other
Dana Oparina
Anhor.uz journalist. Uzbekistan, Tashkent
Oksana Polyakova
Ecoactivist. Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek
Ellina Kim
Journalist. Tajikistan, Dushanbe
Did you know that each of us has environmental rights? We'd love to share the experiences of citizens who have been able to assert them, as well as what trees should be used in urban landscaping to reduce anthropogenic pollution and create a favourable microclimate.

Thanks to civil society, the situation in our countries has recently improved: new parks are being built and green spaces are being created. But at the same time, large amounts of money are still being spent on ornamental gardening; tiered plant groups are hardly ever planted, and the trees are often pruned incorrectly, causing them to die.
Read the stories about the three Central Asian countries
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Who is fighting for environmental equality in Bishkek? Why is tree topping not so much about aesthetics, but about the "do no harm to the tree" rule? How can we track the impact of green areas on temperature changes?
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Why are there more dust storms in the country?
How do trees affect clean air?
How are forests helping to mitigate global climate change?
Who are the "Green Heroes" of Dushanbe?
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What is the ecological divide?
What has Uzbekistan's moratorium on tree felling really done?
How and who is combating illegal tree felling in Tashkent?
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Do you want to know what trees

grow in our countries?

Which of them are the best air cleaners?
Which trees have a noise-cancelling effect, and which ones humidify the air more?
Which ones provide more shade, and which ones have a positive effect on our nervous system?

The infographic below illustrates all the benefits, and also tells us where to plant the tree and how to look after it.

We have also prepared a quiz for you

Which tree is the champion in dust retention?

Which poplars do not produce fluff?

Which tree is called "shameless"?

Try your hand at our tasks!

Test your knowledge and find out lots of new and helpful information.

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